Love Their Music

I am not sure how I got into Collective Soul. I think their song "Shine was just stuck in my head so I started playing the music video on Youtube. Then I got their greatest hits album 7even Year Itch and fell in love with their songs "Run," "December," "Heavy," and "World I Know." I always play Collective Soul when I am super stressed out because it helps me relax.

Collective Soul's tour stopped near me this summer, but I couldn't afford the tickets. Then my assistant manager got a free ticket at the Three Doors Down concert because the CS tickets weren't selling. She would have given it to me, but she thought I was still on vacation the day of the concert.

dancer2011 dancer2011
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1 Response Sep 5, 2008

i actually just got into them not all that long ago. like you, i would sometimes get one of their songs stuck in my head, and then more recently i started listening to more of their stuff. it's great music!