Country Music Speaks To (and Can Sometimes Soothe) Your Soul

I am a Country music fan - despite the fact it reminds me of my ex  (as Country is all he would listen to!)

Even now,some songs I hear 'em and they will remind me of a time and/or place with him and I just lose it - I remember just crying my eyes out in my room,listening to Country love songs and missing him and 'our times' so much.....    :(      

Some are just so beautiful and touching - How could you NOT cry?!

But then I grew up with Country music as well - so I also have happy memories of it playing in the background while my parents and I went on our annual family vacations.

Country music really speaks to me - in a way no other music seems to be able to!

Perhaps its because the lyrics in Country songs are usually about stuff we can ALL relate to at some time or another!

MysticShell MysticShell
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2 Responses Apr 16, 2010

I have been playing country music for years now and your right there are so many songs that relate to true life.<br />
There are many times i have felt certain thing and just grabbed the guitar and played a song for the mood,its a great way to feel and/or relieve some emotion : ) <br />
<br />
Thanks for writing and sharing your story.

I grew up on Country Music, but listened to 80's rock also. I just listen to country now. It has helped me through so much. When life seems tough, I put the Ipod on and it helps a lot.