So I Like Techno...

I'm a black guy. So that means I must listen to nothing but Hip-hop, right? NO!

There should be no reason that I can't also have tastes in Acoustic, Alternative, Techno, Rock, Even Orchestral music! I've listened to ALL KINDS of music! I can't listen to the same 6 songs played on the radio fourty-thousand times!

So why all the funny looks, and raising of the eyebrows? Hell if I know, but if being different from every other basketball-playing, ghetto black guy means I have to answer the same stupid questions about where I grew up and why I listen to anything other than rap, I might as well walk around dressed up like Steve Urkel. At least that way, I'll get LESS stupid looks and questions about why I'm the way I am. Get over it, people.
Woosh15 Woosh15
22-25, M
2 Responses May 2, 2007

I am mainly a rocker, but I'm also black. This makes me part of 2 minorities. You know what? Be proud of it. We aren't all drones to modern society. I take huge pride in being black, and a rocker. I also listen to Jazz and Reggae, but not becaue it's 'black' music. Because it makes me happy. I also have a white girlfriend, which gets me weird looks sometimes, but I don't give a damn. I am who I am, and I love what I love.

I is weird. Everyone should just listen to what makes them happy, and what you relate to. There is great pressure to conform to listening to "hip hop", even for white people...I don't get it. Give me Gladys Knight or The O'jays for soul..