I love electronic music. I started out listening to trance and club tracks during my sophomore year in high school. Soon I moved on to happy hardcore, big beat, and chillout. Now I listen to a lot of different genres. Lately my favorite styles have been:

big beat
happy hardcore
Sleepwalker Sleepwalker
18-21, M
1 Response Oct 8, 2006

If you truly like electronic music, try Frank Zappa's CD - Civilization Phase III.<br />
Frank was producing totally electronic music 40 years ago. Also check out anything by Edgar Varese (he claimed his approach was 'sculpting sound') or Harry Partch (Particularly Revelation at Court House Park) Harry built his own instruments because he couldn't find any existing ones that would play the music in his head. Harry's dead now, but if I remember correctly, his instruments live on at the Smithsonian. This piece (Courthouse Park) intertwines Greek stories of the god Dionysis with the story of a current day street gangsta... so it helps if you know a little about the Dionysis myth, but you'll find it interesting none the less. That is if you are REALLY ready to experiment.