Isn't All Music Electronic Now?

I guess it depends on what you mean, though. Yeah, I used to be into Techno and Trance back in the day, and I've even tried E, but I never did get into the rave scene. I think I just missed it by a few years. What I really dig is that music magazine XLR8R cuz it covers the whole genre, from straight-up computer generated noise to underground hip-hop. What, you don't consider hip-hop to be electronica? How do you think they insert the samples now a days? Really, Turntablism is only a subgenre of hip-hop (and I ain't dissin' on these guys and gals, they've got mad skillz.) One of the last tracks I listened to was by the Roots featuring a Radiohead sample. Now that's some dope ****. But besides hip-hop, I listen to chip-tunes: the soundtracks of video-games, particularly those from the early-to-mid '80's. I remember listening to the OMD song "Enola Gay" on my Commodore 64, a computer that ran at 1 MHz and only had 64k of RAM. Hell, my cel-phone has 1000x more memory than that! And I have a weird fetish for mashups: taking two or more disparate tracks and melding them into some unholy creation. Some of the cooler ones I remember are Eminem mixed with Morrissey ("Empty" with "This Charming Man"), Missy Elliot with Joy Division ("Work It" with "Love Will Tear Us Apart") I really dig how alternative rock is bleeding into hip-hop and vice-versa. I used to listen to Power 106 and KROQ all day long when I was in junior high, so it's probably only natural. Really, I dig all types of music. Well, except for maybe Country.
victorious victorious
26-30, M
Apr 22, 2007