I Get Lost N The Bass And Use It As Therapy

My love for EDM started 6-7 years ago when I went to my first EDM event. It was far from a rave. It was an outdoor event set n the redwood forest of humboldt county put on by a bunch of burning man crew. Truly an amazing experience!!! I was 19 & wave of emotions came over me. It was amazing how people of all walks of life could come together for the love of art & music. There were people dressed up n all different kinds of costumes & fun clothes. People dancing with fire. I was n love!! Then I started to go to more & more events some n side & some out. My favorite are the outside ones. I also started goin to music festivals. Now all i wanna do is dance. I love to make costumes to dance n of all kinds. Colorful ones, fuzzy ones, tribal looking costumes, headdresses, belly dancing grear, jewelry, I could go on & on!! I have now started selling some of the stuff i make cuz people loved mine so much they wanted there own. I love dressing up & getting right up n the speaker. It's like meditation feeling the bass pass threw me n to my soul. I feel better about my self when im out dancing its like im free. I struggle with my self confidents cuz of a medical condition that i cant control & feel ugly a lot but when I put on a costume & dance i feel beautiful. I'm sure i will allways have a great love for EDM!! It makes me feel good to get lost n it!!
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Love this !! I feel the same way !!

Thank you!! Glad to hear from another EDM fan!!

Where do u live ?? I'm goin to ultra music fest !!!!

I live in California. I'm going to burning man!!

Omg thats awesome !!!!! My bro lives in la . I'm in new york. Just saw dj chucky last night at pacha amazinggggggggg!!!

Niceeee!!!!! :-D

Thats awesome !!

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