How I Got Into Evanescence/meeting Amy Lee

November 2006.

I was 15. I was on YouTube browsing videos on a show I was into at the time. I came across a music video using the Origin version of Everybody's Fool. My reaction to the song: "That song's pretty cool. Let's see more about this...Evanescence..."

I went on Yahoo! Music and watched the video for Everybody's Fool. Then I watched the video for Going Under. My reaction to the song: "That was freakin' awesome. I HAVE to get this album!" I eventually went out and bought 'Fallen'.

December 2006

After browsing the band some more I learned that they had recently released a new album. I looked up some songs from it and came across Lithium. My reaction to the song: "BEST SONG EVER. MUST. HAVE." I went out and bought 'The Open Door'.

I got all caught up with the band's song and lineup history and memorized their songs. I fell in love with Amy Lee's voice and prayed that one day I would get a chance to meet her.

July 2011

Evanescence was getting ready to film a new music video and they wanted the fans to be in it. We were asked to submit an email containing our name, address, phone number and headshot. The chosen fans were replied to. Only 200 fans were chosen. I was one of them!!!

The room was incredibly hot. I was sweating during almost every take. People that were taller than me (which was pretty much everyone) were blocking me from the camera. But I didn't care. I was there to hear the new single before anyone else and to get Amy's autograph. Not only did she sign next to the lyrics to 'Lithium' at my request, she gave me a hug right afterwards. I would meet her again after a concert in New York a few months later.

That's my story =) Thanks for reading!
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Nov 13, 2011