Meeting Gordon Lightfoot In 1990

Where do I begin? I've been listening to Gordon Lightfoot ever since I was a child when The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald came out as a single.

My dad bought me Summertime Dream for Christmas in 1976 and I played the LP til the needle wore out on dad's record player. I'd just close my eyes and imagine being on the Fitz or in Saigon or in Wounded Knee.

I was too young to see Gordon Lightfoot in his prime, what I would do to have seen him when he still had that deep baritone voice.

Everytime he'd put out a new LP I'd buy it.

Fast forward to 1990 I was reading the local paper and it said Gordon Lightfoot was performing in my city! I think I must have read it twice and I called up the theatre just to be sure.. GL to me is like Elvis is to others LOL.

Yup it was confirmed so I bought a ticket. Not only that I brought my Summertime Dream LP in the hopes I'd meet him and get it signed.

Well I attended the concert and it would be the first of many I'd attend.. well right after the concert I'd made a beeline to the backstage door.

Myself and 7 others were hanging around, about an hour went by and he finally came out and I was just in awe. When he finally got to me I was just tripping over my tongue. We talked about a few things and I told him I became hooked on his music due to the Summertime Dream LP.

He graciously signed it and I walked home with the biggest smile on my face and I really didn't sleep much that night I was too wired!

Since then I had met him a few more times and I eventually met everybody in the band as well.

He is one class act I tell ya!
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He is one class act for sure!