Listening Right Now

I'm listening to Hinder right now. Extreme Behavior. I did Take it to th Limit this morning at work.


I'm excited because Hinder is playing with Nickelback when I see them in Hershey, PA this summer. I saw Hinder and Three Doors Down back in January. Then I saw Nickelback a few weeks ago with Seether and Saving Abel. I had herd that Hinder had done a few shows with Nickelback and I jokingly said to someone that I wish they'd be with Nickelback when I saw them in July. I got a surprise a few days after buying my tickets for July I get to see Hinder again!!!!!  I enjoyed them more than 3DD back in January. 3DD was good, but I liked Hinder better. 

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

Good for you. I feel this way about Pink Floyd...DD