I Am Not Obsessed!

Just because I added a bunch of new groups conerning his name behind the main theme just means that I wanted some more tokens for adding groups! Duh! Besides if I was really obsessed I would make out with that fake mannequin that has all that justin beiber paraphernalia attatched to it from making all those online purchases of things he touched that his security team steals and sells on ebay that is not behind that closet that you're not allowed to look into...
CarefulTreading CarefulTreading
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3 Responses Sep 22, 2013

Oh no you got Beiber fever, come here let me help you! *squirts fluid out of a massively large syringe*

:D Beiber fever is a evolutionary mutation! :D Not a virus induced disease!

Hey it's okay if you love JB, I'm not judging... Embrace your love.

Yeah you're not obsessed at all...

:o *Is busy making out with mannequin...*