Liking It For Long

When I was nine years old, my brother got his drivers liscense and had to start driving me and my other brother around. This opened my ears to a whole lot of metal music... For a nine- year- old girl, you can imagine my distaste. Fortunately for me, this brother hadd recently been introduced to kamelot and enjoyed it almost as much as I did. Unfortunately, I had no mp3 player or anythingso the only way I could listen to it, but I could never remember my favourite song's name. Six years later though, I now can listen to more than Epica and what used to be my favourite song (Feast of the Vain) any time I want thanks to my ipod. The best song... Does Kamelot have a best song? Serenade is awesome, Feast of the Vain, The Black Halo, Ghost Opera, Pendulous Fall, Seasons End, Hunter's Season, Eden Echo, Once Upon A Time, House on aa Hill. The list goes on and on. And on. Kamelot kicks ***!!!
kamfan117 kamfan117
May 6, 2012