Apparently This Surprises People

On our way to my dance recital I had a mix cd in that had some Manson on it. It was turned down low because mom and a friend that was going with us were talking. The New Sh*t came one and our friend said, "Oh my God, this is some heavy metal. Who listens to this?" And as she looked back and forth between me and my mom, I kinda raised my hand and said, "Its mine..." She was like, "Really? Wow. I didn't think you'd listen to music this hard. Wow. I can't even understand it." And then I told her what it was saying. It was kinda funny. :)

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Its not my favorite. but I love it! :)

Lol thats cool. I was raised on a farm. But I don't think I want a tattoo of a cornstalk! haha! :)

haHA!<br />
oh and nice tattoo ideas. <br />
I want a strawberry cause i was brought up on a berry farm! lol

Oh I don't. Dying my hair from blonde to black was my choice (and I've had it every color in between for that matter). The tattoos I want have meaning to me. Like the leukemia ribbon in honor of my mother, a survivor. And the symbol for eternity, to show that no matter what they did to me, my soul will always live on. And a triquetra, to show the unity between mind, body, and soul. As for my music, metal isn't the only thing I listen to. I listen to it all. Classical, country, rap, rock, jazz, you name it and I listen to it. I was just commenting on the irony of the earlier statement that you needed black hair and tattoos, and I was well on my way. I think I'd look a little ridiculous if I tried to look like every type of music at once. No, I don't try to look like anything. Except for myself, of course.

you shouldnt have to look like the music you listen to.

I love Tainted Love. Its my favorite song ever. By ANY musician. I haven't heard one I didn't like, yet. This Is Halloween is good, too, but I grew up with The Nightmare Before Christmas. <br />
<br />
Yes, The New **** is an amazing song. I love it. Yeah, judgement is not a friend of mine. But thats okay.If black hair and tattoos is all it takes to look like a Manson fan then I'm close! Black hair: check! Tattoos: almost check!

lol heavy metal. i would call that song that heavy.<br />
Its an amazing song though.<br />
<br />
i hate when people judge and say "oh, i wouldn't of thought that you would listen to this" because they expect people who listen to 'heavy metal' have like, black hair and tatoos... i dont know. but it ****** me off soooo much! <br />
<br />
Manson is god.

my favorite manson songs are tainted love, and this is halloween