Love For a Band

The first Modest Mouse songs I heard were Dramamine, Jesus Christ Was an Only Child, and Lounge (Closing Time).  I listened to those songs all night and I was hooked.  I got all the older albums, then the newer ones.  Isaac's voice is unusual but I love it.  I love Modest Mouse.  I can't imagine how I would have gotten through the past year or so without it.  

I love the old stuff best; Lonesome Crowded West is my favorite album, I think.  It's hard to choose between that and This is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing to Think About.  I still love the new stuff, I really do.  I think it's got to be better than anything playing on the radio right now, although I don't listen to the radio...but as good as it is, the older stuff is so much better. 

I saw them live twice.  The first time Brock didn't say a word to the audience, but he did this amazing Life Like Weeds tease...he kept singing, "our hearts and our minds are just made out of strings to be pulled, strings to be pulled" was beautiful.  The second time i saw them live he yelled at the audience a lot, and we couldn't understand a word he was saying but he seemed really angry and was obviously very high.  But it was so entertaining; he was incredible, magnetic.  He was sweating bullets and had this crazy look in his eyes.  The set list was so good. 


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2 Responses Mar 19, 2008

Ahh I'm jealous too. There are just a few things that make me wish for the laws of time and space to break, and getting to see some of the older Modest Mouse shows is definitely near the top of that short list. The songs and albums you mention are some of my most favorites. Until really recently, I considered Lonesome Crowded West to be the album I liked most, but I've definitely found a deep appreciation for Building Nothing Out of Something (obviously heh) lately

i've never seen them live - i envy you. i hear they put on a great show, and you just confirmed it, ha ha. they're so talented.