Working On Leaving The Living

I must update this story later, but Modest Mouse is the music that has the deepest connection to me emotionally. I think there's a universal honesty in the lyrics and most of the music (especially the older stuff, of course, but I'm no new-work shunning elitist). I would be lame if I said they were immaculate, but the cracks and imperfections are sort of the central theme, right? So in a symmetry of meaning sort of way, they kind of are perfect in their glorious imperfection. Yeah, I like them enough to say "glorious." Haha. I'm not enthusiastic about much, but Modest Mouse has my fancy for sure. Isaac Brock is a hero who writes desolation and life into music, and doesn't seem to miss anything.

BuildingNothingOutOfSomething BuildingNothingOutOfSomething
Feb 16, 2010