I Really Get Made Fun Of.

My own mom makes fun of my music choices.  She got my ipod out and said, "B, have you been listening to the Delilah show or something?? Eww."  If a song is more than two months old, my sister will say, "That's like, really old."  So, my family picks on me alot for it. 

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You know better and that's all that counts...

The music I listen to today is completely eclectic, whacked out, and all good. The reason for that is that my first musical "discoveries" were from my parents music collection. Their music was slightly diverse and would have been considered by any kids around at the time as decidedly uncool. Still I liked it for what it was. Hell, I turned my own kids and their friends on to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. That is a band you should try to find. Not Herb Alpert's later solo stuff. Find you some Tijuana Brass from the 1960s. You'll like it. I think :-)<br />
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NeverWinter... Try "Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition" by Isao Tomita. Hard to find. Worth finding.