My Mood And My Music

I'm big on listening to music...and I think of myself as an eclectic listener. I can listen to anything as long as it means something to long as the mood fits.

I wonder how some music can just move you just because it sings how you feel. I can almost say that it was written for me. As my mood varies, as my life changes, as I continue to grow, these music evolves with me. And I find that simply amazing.

How is it that how and what you feel can be felt by the same people who made the music? It's an extraordinary realization that we are all capable of feeling the same way. It's a way of saying that I am not alone in this world; and that we can all come together with music.

Sylphy Sylphy
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J... I have been listening... they're all great and you're funny for missing out in doing your voice on the other podcast... LOL... but still cool nonetheless... thanks for all the music, J... wish you're having fun out there, bud... *hugs*...

I think so, too, Imprl... because it seems so coincidental that a song fits your mood or your experience to a tee... it's always on how we perceive things... and well, when we are emotional... we tend to see meaning in everything... at least, that's how it is for me... thanks, girl! :)


Interpretations vary to different people - but because you relate to it, you would always want to think it was meant for you. You often find it intriguing and coincidental that you hear it often.<br />
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That's why you go gaga turning up the volume when you hear it on the radio...or you download it right away to your laptop or iPhone...or you press the repeat button so it's the same music you hear the whole day...or you just keep singing the refrain (because so far that's the only part you've memorized) over and over again.<br />
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You come to know the song as you...and regardless what the story is why it was written, you just know it's your song.

thats what is so great about music. The artists allow us the pleasure of i ntrepretating there music as we feel it. There is no correct/incorrect to it. It just is...

I don't think all music interpreted by the listeners are taken the same as the musician intended. I think listeners search for music that matches their mood or they keep looking for the meaning until they find the one they WANT it to be.<br />
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Look at "A Dustland Fairytale". It was made and based off of the death of Brandon Flowers(The Killers frontman) parents. But the same song can be taken in as wanting something you cannot have, or love for some one you don't want to fade away.<br />
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Check out .<br />
On page 3, 3 post from the bottom, is my interpretation of the song itself. the INC wall of text post.<br />
<br />
Look at "A Long December" by Counting Crows. Quoted from <br />
"In the middle of December of ‘95 my friend Jennifer got run over by a car, and just creamed; and I spent that whole month, while we were just beginning the record and most of Jan & Feb in the hospital, each like, morning and early afternoon then I'd go to the studio, the house where we were recording, and we'd play all afternoon and all night . It was a very weird time because ya know, there is a lot of stress ; not that it's a big deal being a second album, but any album. There just not that easy to make. It's a very stressful process, and especially when you're first starting out. And like I said, I spent a lot of time in the hospital which is pretty weird. But one day I just left the studio about 2 in the morning, and I went to my friend Samantha and Tracy's house which is Hillside Manor"<br />
<br />
In the same hand, the song could be taken as being far from some one, or wanting to talk to some one. Hoping that once the time ends, the following will be new, and refreshed.<br />
<br />
The reason i love the counting crows is because, even though they are their own sort of 'emo' if you want to call it that, is because of the true feelings he says, whats behind the songs and emotions.<br />
<br />
I know this is a giant wall of text that will prolly burn your eyes, Sorry for that. >