Lots Of Music Lately

hey. im 13 and im gonna start highschool soon. so your thinking 'awesome hes gonna have fun.' well i dont think so. i have never had a girlfriend. i have never kissed a girl. this is probably why. im a classic nerd. i have blonde hair,glasses, not very strong, get really good grades, and am kinda pale. i also have no one to go to about this. all my friends are way to goofy and wont give me the emotional support i need. i told my best friend about my situation but all he said was yeah, uhhuh, ok the whole time. he gave no attempt to comfort me or give me any advice.i even told him that he should have but he still just sat there! i cant go to my parents cause they would just make me uncomfortable. so yeah ive been listening to alot of Breaking Benjamin, Nickle Back, and Bullet For My Valentine. i have a friend thats a girl (just one)that im pretty sure im in love with but she has a bf. all the other girls treat me like i have no soul. what do i do?
funbutsecretlylonlykid funbutsecretlylonlykid
Jul 16, 2010