"twilight" By Travis Garland

Music is a huge part of my life; I listen to it every day, no matter what mode I might be in. I can relate with the songs I listen to. I can cry with them, I can dance with them, and I can laugh with them. Music brings me the comfort and security I need, when I feel alone and scared. There is particularly one song that I listen to when I’m broken down and I feel like there isn’t any hope for me any longer. And this song gives me the strength to raise and brush everything off my shoulder and just keep on going. And believe that tomorrow brings a better day. When I listen to music, I feel like there aren’t anyone els in the world apart from me and the music, I find my strength and happiness in music. I wish I could explain how much music meant to me at times when I’m broken and alone, but there aren’t enough words in this world that can express the joys it brings me.
beyonddahorizon beyonddahorizon
Jul 27, 2010