Relief Of The Pressure

When I get very angry, sad or anxious....I find that the right music can manage to calm me down and bring me back to center.  I seem to suffer from a mental clog when I get affected enough by a situation.  If I sit and listen to music (that is if I can find a chance to do it at the time that I am irritated) soothes me.  I don't know if it is because I get lost in the melody.  Perhaps it is the lyrics of the music.  It might just be as a result of the fact that I am concentrating on what I am hearing instead of focusing on what it bothering me.  Whatever the case may helps me a great deal.

Lately it has been a little more challenging to release the tension...even with music.  But, some of the most profound "aha" moments that I have been able to experience have been with the assistance of the right music.  There are certain artists that tend to help better than others.  The type of music I am listening to depends on my mood.  I usually have my ipod on random but select the first couple of songs.  As the music becomes a journey of sorts for me.  I may end up listening to a completely different genre or mood of music by the time I am all done.  More times than is a great transition.
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I don't know how to respond, but what you say is absolutely true. Music calms the savage beast. For me it is genesis three sides live that keeps me in check. Thanks for posting.

Seriously I do too...

Music does it for me. The only thing different is the song doesn't have to relate to my issue of the day. Songs with orchestra sounding parts help me. Bittersweet symphony by the verve is very calming for me. Anyone know any other songs with orchestra sounds? Can't listen to straight up orchestra. Gotta have words.

I agree with you on this one. I like to listen to music to suit whatever mood im in. Its very helpful to listen to a song ba<x>sed on how i am feeling at that time. :)

I like to listen to my 'Jelly Mixx' on my Ipod. My Jelly Mixx is named after my 1year old cousin. We call her Jelly, because jam don't move like that. lol She gets into everything! One time, she had pushed a box up to the front door so she could reach the dead bolt! I don't know where she would've gone if she got out. lol Anyways, She's so wriggly and happy, so all the music on the mix is up beat. I got some Gaga, Nikki Manaj, Bruno Mars and Rianna. She LOVES Gaga! Her favorite gaga song is Telephone.

I love music. It's my life right now. Perhaps I should listen to music right now to make me feel better. It usually does. Had the most upsetting situation today. I don't know what to believe...I find it hard to believe. I'm not very trusting anymore. And it took me four months to finally start warming up to him. I am hurt. He owes me big time for this. I don't like feeling this way.

I agree, I also listen to music to help me deal with any emotional pain I may be feeling at the time. I find it quite therapeutic when I find a song/songs that have lyrics I can't relate too. It helps you feel like you're not alone, and there are others who feel the exact same way you do, and that there are others going through the same or similar problems as you are. I personally listen to post-hardcore and metalcore, like Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, Of Mice & Men etc.

Taaake on me, taaake on you.... aha, these moments and lyrics certainly cry out, don't they? Love your post.. well written, and very poignant. Thanks for sharing.

I've done a few slides hows videos on YouTube too, I think I put one on my page, I seem to feel the music deeply and imagine the words with pictures

I agree, depending on my mood, I listen to all sorts of music except a couple genres. I cannot even begin to count how many CD's I have. Lately the music needs to be louder and with the darkness that I'm experiencing, it's hard finding that one right song. Switchfoot put out a new album and never though I would like Christian alt. rock but there's some good ones out there. They do a song called "Vice Verses" and I keep listening to it over and over. The chorus is very haunting. <br />
"I know that there is meaning to it all<br />
A little resurrection every time I fall<br />
You've got your babies, I've got my hearses<br />
Every blessing comes with a set of curses<br />
I've got my vices, I've got my vice verses


Music helps me also. Just depends on the mood I am in.

I love music because It makes me forget about the terrible world around us,,although i do get emotional by some songs that remind me of boyfriends or just lost people that were in my life.<br />
Do you get that aswell?

I love music because It makes me forget about the terrible world around us,,although i do get emotional by some songs that remind me of boyfriends or just lost people that were in my life.<br />
Do you get that aswell?

I love music because It makes me forget about the terrible world around us,,although i do get emotional by some songs that remind me of boyfriends or just lost people that were in my life.<br />
Do you get that aswell?

I love music because It makes me forget about the terrible world around us,,although i do get emotional by some songs that remind me of boyfriends or just lost people that were in my life.<br />
Do you get that aswell?

I love music because It makes me forget about the terrible world around us,,although i do get emotional by some songs that remind me of boyfriends or just lost people that were in my life.<br />
Do you get that aswell?


When I get upset, I listen to my Brookstone sound machine. It plays soft music such as rain or ocean waves. There are a bunch to choose from. Whenever I get really anxious, it always calms me down. It also helps me get to sleep or clear my head.


I heals...

Guess it really doesn't matter the type of music as long as it improves our mood.

It works across all species human. Even plants have been proven to have a certain 'taste' in music. Spiders like classical, but hate rock for example. Scientifically proven fact. Me? I like me some Disturbed. I find their music fits almost any mood or action.

Righto! doing that taught me what song to not listen to when im depressed lol

I think all my thoughts have already been written by one or more people, so the only thing left for me to write is...<br />
<br />
I am glad to see so many people are so moved by music of all kinds. You've certainly struck a chord ;-) Thank you so much for your story!

I cannot imagine my world without music. It's what describes and defines me most

I have an entire playlist I listen to when I'm sad...

I find music to work for me in same ways. It's often the combination of melody and lyrics. I never leave home without my ipod. Never ever! I've noticed walking, especially in the woods, and listening to music helps me tremendously :) Thanks for your post!

Leatherrosez- Thanks for your response. It was a nice surprise after a nice walk with my ipod. As I had some fantastic tunes running through my head, I read your comment and it centered the whole evening in a lovely light.<br />
<br />
Tell me, what kind of music do you listen to? I am always looking for new music and new artists to add to my collection.

Hello again "Music Friend"...

I'm a bit timid to just blurt out what I like and/or listen to--it's anice mix of old school RnR RnB and chants, chills, electronica, meditations and well... but I will confess to one genre here that I see a similar liking by you based on Your "Death Metal" story..hehehe. I was going along one day listening to things I've collected (Native American chants etc are a biggie with me), which led to something else then something else...pretty soon I was listening to Modern Gregorian CHANTS! LOL.That soon led to a WILD group -- alongside Metallica called Apocolyptica..LOL I MEAN WOW..a woman my age in that venue??? What a Hoot.....IT WAS AMAZZZZZING!!!...

But of course I do have an ECLECTIC side to me with all things...;) I'll inbox you the rest if you don't mind?

Be Well~~~LR

I agree totally. When my kids are stressing me out I go straight for Canon by Pachabel, and other soft classical music or pan pipes, it clams me down so quickly and easily. When I'm feeling a little crappy I put on music that's really inspiring and positive and from various genres. That lifts me up within minutes. I try to stay away from music like heavy metal and rap I really dont like it and the energy its creates is so negative I just cant stand to listen to the stuff.

@Evolving~~~Oh my, how right You are!!!!--'tis true for me at any rate. I am at this moment with headphones on sitting in my YouTube channel listening to pieces I've collected. Pieces that others have uploaded there and do allow me to enjoy, or pieces that others have recommended via social network sites/circles. What a Miracle it is for me, at my age, to be re awakened to the world of music AND, btw, for the same reason as Your OP. (original post). I'm really much more passionate than I realized in youth and it seems to be reflected in the choices of music and vids that I've collected in the single years time I've been a member of YT. <br />
<br />
Doubtless our tastes in music are different but the results are the same. Is it not MAGIC?? ;) <br />
Likewise, I find myself starting with a particular tune then end up way across the spectrum in another musical reality. It's such a RUSH..truly! HEALING as well. I've had more than my fair share of tribulations in this life and with those difficulties, went for nearly 30yrs without listening to scarcely a note of music. Long story, but suffice to say, I'm FREE of that repression and DO HEAL, DO unite with the rest of the world and am sincerely Transported..................THROUGH MUSIC..<br />
<br />
Sometimes the sounds allow me to weep and purge, other times it transports to levels of Peace, calm, and unity with everyone else UNLIKE anything else on earth can; yet other times it's just plain FUN/Uplifting... <br />
<br />
Unspeakably precious to me these times are now and not even to mention the incredible people I've met from around the world VIA the GIFT, the Magic Of music.... I'm not religious but it seems to me there is something distinctly divine about the whole thing...<br />
<br />
Thank You SO much for posting this; it was the first thing I laid eyes on as I came to EP this evening--and this is the FIRST ever post in EP that hit me square in my spirit/resonates with me 200%......MAGIC...!!<br />
<br />
Be well and Namaste' LR

I don't listen to the radio anymore, because if I hear a depressing song or something that triggers a bad memory, it sends me spiraling and it's very difficult to get out of my head. It's great when songs I love come on, which is mostly the case, but some are not good for me to hear. I do love music and it's extremely soothing, but I have to select what I listen too, not someone else.

For angery moments, Try Metallica, St. Anger. It's a great album to blow off steam. Say what you will about Metallica, get passed the hype and give it a listen. <br />
I also like Sepultura, Roots. It's another metal album, but it was recorded in an actual brazilian rain forest, and some of the songs feature vocals by the native people of the amazon. I got an art class I was teaching to draw with it playing in the background. Everyone found it moving and made them draw faster and more aggressively. Try a song called "ratamahatta"

yes,everyday we have some kind of bothering things,every time i feel tired and lost,i would listen to some music to encourage me to persist on.

I feel the exact same. It transport you to a world where it is just just. No stress. Its just perfect.

I'm the same way, music has a very relaxing tone - just makes me feel better!

I feel similar, choose music by my moods, but when I have dark thoughts, I hear Gloomy Monday and when I'm in a hilarious mood, music from Madness for example.

i love music aswell, i use it bring out them emotions i hold in, whether it be anger, sadness, or joy :) really helps. I know some good country music aswell, cant bit a good old bit of dolly parton ;D

I listen to the full spectrum of music. The only thing I really cannot stomach is country music. The twang irritates me.

i feel the same WAY!!!!!!!!!!! exactly the same

I, too, use music to soothe the soul. When I REALLY need a heavy dose, I listen to Bach. He never fails to take me away from my world of petty problems and into his world of structural and harmonic perfection.

That is a great idea. I do that, too. All kinds of music, except maybe ska or most reggae. For some reason, those genres don't work so well for me.


Dee, I completely agree with the musical journey experience. There have been times I have turned on my ipod to a nice melancholy song only to gradually select (or randomly select) songs that bring me out of the blues and make me feel reinvigorated. What I listen to depends on what I am feeling. I enjoy Tori Amos. I think her talent on the piano is phenomenal and her her voice is beautiful. If I am feeling angry or blue...I may listen to some Nine Inch Nails. They became a favorite of mine in a very dark place in my life. I enjoy Concrete Blonde. I like Bare Naked Ladies too. My music collection is it is very hard to single out just one genre or artist as a favorite.

yeah,sometimes i remember to use music to lift my spirits. i may start with sad music...just follow the feeling...end up with happier stuff. though some just cheer me up in general...lately,everytime howard jones comes up on my blip page,it makes me feel better. i also have enjoyed listening to billy bragg and barenaked ladies lately. mostly,for me it's the sound that soothes,but sometimes the lyrics and billy crack me up,but their tunes are good too,and that's first for me. what do you like to listen to or are there too many to mention?

I listen to a little bit of everything. I am not a fan of country music...although there are a few songs that are okay. Otherwise, my ipod is filled from music from every genre of music. I have been listening to many indie bands recently.

Just curious-- but what type of music do you listen to?

I find that music can help me with my difficult mood times. Even in traffic I can turn on the radio and focus so I will slow down and focus. It takes me places during times when I am doing simple things like gardening and I feel happier and more content. It is always in the background for me and depending on my mood is what dictates the type of music I will lilsten to. Very soft, quiet music , just at the edge of hearing is what I drift off to at night.

Felt blue cause I'm not where I should be with my goals( you know how to make God Laugh?...Tell Him your plans!)...Turned on Timbaland's "the way I are" ,blasted it and danced (even with bad knee) and like myself just the way I are!

I was 17 when I saw Jim Morrison and the Doors in 1967...he could arouse the most primordial response in both men and women...and it wasn't just the music, his lyrics(see his book of poetry the Lizard King) came from somewhere just as carnal as they were demonic. His own demons took him away..."people are strange when you're unwanted, people are wicked when you're alone" (I hope my memory serves me right!) I still BLAST his music to this day. Thanks for bringing up an old memory Samsan.

Uhm.. I believe it is written as women seem wicked when you're unwanted, your point is well made though .. People are strange, when you're a stranger. Stay familiar, in touch as well a reachable, and the doors that seem to be always closed, will open readily as long as you're able to accept the opportunities. Ingress or egress all need actions to be taken, or you're just left standing in the way.

I was going to become an art and music therapist and am sorry I didn't pursue it. Especially since I learned recently (within ten years) that music does actually affect you in ways more scientific than emotional. Your thalamus responds in much the same way a person feels creative or horny or aggressive. Music does soothe the savage breast. This doesn't necessarily exclude those who are hearing impaired as the bass can be felt in the chest (oh my heart!) and around the face. Ask the deaf who love to go to dances! It is felt throughout the whole body in much the same way that guys who own Harleys brag about the vibration of the seat. Bikers know the "pulse" of a Harley! I know I can feel totally blocked creatively until I put on the right music and soon there's a sculpture or painting I didn't know was in me!! Like giving birth. Unfortunately, Jim Morrison knew of how the slowly increasing beat along with bass can cause crowds and concert goers to be brought to a frenzy!! He used it to feel his own control over crowds. Heavy Metal bands learned well from the Doors and use it to this day! That along with his stripping and lewd lyrics were enough to bring in the authorities. Don't start screaming free speech. I'm talking control of rioting and violence, not censoring his dropping his pants. Watch anyone who's into Heavy Metal. I'm guilty!. I love Metalica. (relating more to the lyrics but love their talent AND the driving beat) Kids become air bands, want the experience to be MORE so get into Ecstasy, start body slamming and moshing (sp?)..all in fun but easily turned to violence. I haven't heard of anyone picking a fight while listening to James Taylor! Please, NOT knocking it! Use responsibly!! And if you're suicidal, don't get hung up on Ozzy's song about Momma I'm Coming Hommmmmeee! I personally preferred Metalica, while slitting my wrists. "And I DUB THEE UNFORGIVEN!!!!!!


I agree,music can help you,make you happy, give you strenght and even change your life. To me music is the greatest prodigy of the life. You can be reborn through music. Thanks for posting it.

Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber might be an unusual piece of music to listen to when I'm sad, but the music seems to build up the melancholy and release it. ."and the love you make is equal to the love you take"

yeah.. without music the world would be miserable.. more than you could ever imagine ...<br />
i thak God .. there is music.. :)

I agree, music is so therapeutic.