Relief Of The Pressure

When I get very angry, sad or anxious....I find that the right music can manage to calm me down and bring me back to center.  I seem to suffer from a mental clog when I get affected enough by a situation.  If I sit and listen to music (that is if I can find a chance to do it at the time that I am irritated) soothes me.  I don't know if it is because I get lost in the melody.  Perhaps it is the lyrics of the music.  It might just be as a result of the fact that I am concentrating on what I am hearing instead of focusing on what it bothering me.  Whatever the case may helps me a great deal.

Lately it has been a little more challenging to release the tension...even with music.  But, some of the most profound "aha" moments that I have been able to experience have been with the assistance of the right music.  There are certain artists that tend to help better than others.  The type of music I am listening to depends on my mood.  I usually have my ipod on random but select the first couple of songs.  As the music becomes a journey of sorts for me.  I may end up listening to a completely different genre or mood of music by the time I am all done.  More times than is a great transition.
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