I Sing When I'm Anxious

i'm not the best of singers but i do suffer with an anxiety condition. when i am anxious or becoming obsessive i sing and that helps to alleviate the condition. i live alone so sometimes sing very loud to a catchy tune, something inspiring perhaps. when i'm at work i do the same if anxiety comes on and i'm lucky my work colleagues aren't bothered, i think some of them think i'm probably just an eccentric or oddball (which i guess i may be, going by the definition.) in a previous workplace i was given a verbal warning as singing was seen as unproffesional behaviour, mind you i didn't explain why i sing so there you go. i dont only sing when anxious as people in my local know from my karaoke night murdering of common people by pulp. anyway that's my story!
paulnicho paulnicho
41-45, M
Nov 2, 2011