I had a bad day today, there`s an ignorant teacher named Williams he decides to give a quiz he tells us to take out loose leaf paper and on the left to write our name next to the margin and on the next line write our date and the next line to write his name. I followed those directions. when we came back from lunch he decides to humiliate the people by telling them they failed his quiz, and my name had to be one of them . My reaction was to stay calm and I did. But this (I`m sorry for using this langauge.) ignorant ****** of a student had to say something. This is what he said " Mr. William she going to go off on you" I didn`t say anything I just let it go through one ear and out the other. Then this guy that sits next to me had to say something " yeah Mr. Williams she might kill someone. In my mind I was saying why would I kill someone. I`m a kind generous person. but the guy next to me was commenting so much I snapped and Yell at him "would you stop saying that!!" Then he said oh I`m sorry. I felt so aggreivated today i just need someone their for me right now.
cassiusamber cassiusamber
13-15, F
Dec 5, 2012