Sigh...a bit depressed right now songs are:

1.) Wonderwall- Oasis
2.) Your Song- Elton John
3.) Yellow- Coldplay

...It helps... 3 :'(
LieutenantSnuggles LieutenantSnuggles
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

I did the exact same round a year ago.... You're not alone

This will pass :)....but I relate it's a horrible phase.

it hurts but...I just want it end right now... :'(

As difficult as it is...just try to see the positive
Even simple things such as the fact you have freedom, clean water and shelter(I hope)
And build it up. It's a process but just remember human beings are will survive stay positive!! :)

thank you!!! I'm actually feeling better today!

No problem :)

Stay positive :)

thank you, im trying!

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