That's Just How I Roll

I spend somewhere right around 16 hours a day on a computer. I work 8 hours in an office with my playlist running in the background then I come home and put another 8 hours in at night, usually writing a book, sometimes chatting but there is always music going. Something about the music focuses my mind and I can just zone in on what I need to be doing. It is what keeps me going :)
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Music and the need for it is universal throughout all of us. To me music is life, music a way to express my love for others and my need for them. As a musician i began playing blues on a harmonica because i had a terrible need to express the deep sadness in my heart, the great thing is that no matter how sad of a song i might be playing, it always seems to cheer people up because the feel a connection with me, if my music can touch a single soul with the longing of my desire to be understood, then it has been worth every second of the life i have lived, just to know that with my life, my music, my poetry, i might be able to make a positive impact on another persons life is all the hope i need to keep on keepin on. I am inspired to keep reaching within myself to further care, to further express the those things that ache within me to be heard and for me music is always able to express those things i feel inside and that is why it is so important to me.

same here... i could even read your story without Dj Khaled on the background <br />