Ever Since I Was A Kid...

Music has been part of who I am.  I still recall the first set of cassettes my older brother gave me when I was 11.  Some real cool stuff, and not the pre-recorded tape store stuff.  These were cassettes he recorded from albums onto either TDK-SA90's or Maxell's.  I recall Van Halen 1 & 2, Bob Seger, The Doors, Rush, The Doobie Brothers.  what a way to start a collection.  Even further back, I recall when the 1st Boston album came out.  It was on the 8-track player and my brother would just turn it on and let it go and go and go.

Now in the digital age, I have converted all my old CD, Cassette and album collections to digital and various formats.  Yet strangely, I tend to either listen to net radio or vid clips from youtube.  If I am out mowing the lawn, the iPod is playing something random from my collection.  If driving, the Stereo is playing Classic rock.  From time to time, the tastes go to my celtic roots and the Bagpipe music comes out.

Ah Music!

Javan Javan
41-45, M
Feb 25, 2010