Inner Voice On Dating Someone?

I'll never forget the first time I really heard my inner voice. This may sound crazy, but I was online when I was looking at this picture of a guy. Out of nowhere a little voice told "I'm going to date him." it was like the voice was someone else because it wasn't a forced thought that I was thinking, it just came out of nowhere. So maybe I will date this boy one day. But I'm curious, has anyone gone through that? Meeting or seeing someone and the voice telling them "I'n going to date him/her one day", or "that's my future girlfriend/boyfriend" and it ended up coming true; either them being long term or your future spouse?
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1 Response May 23, 2012

I've noticed a guy around work, around the time I started working there. I thought he was attractive but did not think much of it. I used to see him a lot in the mornings and afternoons, but then my schedule changed and I stopped seeing him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I will never forget it, I was in the kitchen, and this voice just told me that next time I see him, to let him know I'm interested in him. I don't know why that came about because I never thought about this guy in that way before. A few days later, I started seeing him again. I have not spoken to him yet, but I think I will follow what my inner voice told me.