I feel like my inner voice is GOD.

One time I was is sitting somewhere, and the voice said 'get up'.

I ignored it, and then I wished I didn't.

A huge dog, came running to where I was sitting. It was not only up to my waist, but it was thick as well. His owner didn't have him on the leash, and the dog started to chase me. I thought it was going to kill me! It was by far the biggest dog I've ever seen. For some reason it just stopped chasing me, and the owner got it on the leash. I got away with a minor scratch, from where it's teeth grazed my skin. It could have been so much worse!

That just goes to show you always listen to that inner voice, it's GOD's way of protecting you! If you have a hard time hearing it, pray to him for help. GOD let me go through that experience so I know to always listen to that inner voice (a.k.a the Holy Spirit).
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Mine's the opposite

Wow your right that inner voice is very important and we must always listen to it. Its not always easy though do u think? Its a very suttle voice in my head sometimes i just dont want to listen to it I ignore it and like you it was the wrong choice. I listen to it more now and fine it makes life easier

Your are so right it is definitely not easy all the time, but we have to continue to make a conscious effort to do so :)

he was watching over you that day if the dog had got you it could have been much worse

It could have, I am so thankful to him !🙌🙌

lucky you