NOW, I Do!

My inner voice and instincts are 90% on the mark! It has always been so. But for the longest time, I doubted myself and my natural instincts, not having much confidence in my feelings. The last time I ever doubt my inner voice, was age 21, when I met my rapist. I had so many bells going off in my head, something wasn't quite right about this guy... something creepy. Yet, I ignored it and figured that I was being paranoid. And it didn't help that I was on Paxil, which made me feel like no harm could ever come my way. :-/

Well, not listening to my inner voice got me into a very bad and dangerous situation. I had to think fast to get out of that one alive and I spent many years in healing from that mistake. But ever since that day, I decided to never deny my inner voice! No matter how silly or unlikely something seems, if my instinct says no... it means, NO!

The last time I listened to my inner voice, was with the con-artist/ex-convict. I had no reason to believe it wouldn't be safe, when he invited me to his home, but something was off. Something in his voice wasn't right, I don't know what. But my inner voice screamed, "Don't do it, woman! Stay right where you are!" And I listened! I politely declined his invitation, inviting him to my house instead... He blew up at me suddenly, over the phone, cursing me out for an hour! I kept hanging up the phone, but he kept calling back, and cursing me out again! I later found out that he was planning on harming me, along with his REAL girlfriend, when I got there. So, my inner voice was right! I no longer doubt it. :-)

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

When I meet sombody for the first time my inner voice is mostly right, alot more often then it is wrong and I trust it. My Best.