An Inner Relationship

I've decided to stop expecting so much from other people. I wanted my friends to tell me that the things I stand for are true, and appreciate the things I love, and when they didn't I wanted to find better friends, perfect relationships. This is a pretty naive expectation, and I don't want to be left waiting until the world tells me that I'm right.

From now on, I'm going to listen to myself. Not just myself - I'm going to listen to the wisdom and certainty that wells up from a place even deeper than my own awareness. Inside I already recognise what is most important and life and what's most beautiful; if I listen more closely to that recognition then maybe I'll have less doubts.

I'm feeling hopeful now that my inner voice can give me the nourishment and support that I am failing to find from others.

noxlucida noxlucida
5 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Good God I agree. At night, in the quite, when no one else is filling your head with words. It is your beliefs and thoughts that you have to argue with. So in the end. The only person you need to worry about liking. Is yourself.

so true. I find that the more I develop my ability to feel fulfilled within myself the easier it is for me to connect with others. It's kind of ironic.

it's only natural to want support, like any living thing we have to be constantly nourished. i think you're exactly right, we forget to sustain ourselves. being caught up in external things is okay too, when there are loving and helpful people around us - if not it's time to look within, remember how to commune with yourself and see where the inner voice guides you.

that's very insightful. it's something i find myself needing to do over and over. it can be really frustrating sometimes, i wonder why we so want affirmation from others? maybe it's because we get so caught up in the external world we forget how to give it to ourselves?

incredibally wise. One need not look to others for validation one needs to look within, awesome.