You Better Believe It!

Growin up, i would have my head phone on, with the CD player turned all the way up!  Got a little older, Upgraded to an MP3 player, then an iPod with some better headphones and have it turned all the way up. People gave me funny looks for having my music up so loud but I didnt care, I be in my own world crunk as hell! Now im alot older and have stepped my game up. 2 12'' Kickers wit a 1000Watt memphis amp in da trunk  and i tear da block DOWN! People give me dirty looks and **** but what they dont understand is the fact that I DONT GIVE A ****! xD

I will pull up at a red light and if someone is blasting music I dont like with they windows down I will not hesitate to flip dat switch. Have my trunk beating harder than Ike Turner beat Tina Turner, soundin like I got a marchen band in it, I be gettin too rachet at da light. Party at dat stop sign, EVERYBODY INVITED!!! And if you dont like it, then take yo old *** to a retirment home!!! :D

Krie Krie
Mar 2, 2010