Make Your Speakers Bleed

My mom gets pissed off when I do this b/c usually she's ringing the doorbell and I don't hear it or she'll just appear in front of me and scare me half to death. She always says that if other people can hear what you're listening to, then its way too loud. But if it isn't earsplitting, then I just can't get into it. Im usually dancing when Im listening to music and dancing to something soft just doesnt do it for me. I like the music to be so loud that I can't hear the tv or the phone ringing=) yea I know its bad for my ears but its a small price to pay for a good time jamming to my hitlist. It's like blocking out the whole world and I need that from time to time.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

My mother says the same. How can she expect metal not to be loud? ( it probably does not help that I often sing along to it)