I Can't Stop At This Point.

It's like a symbiotic relationship at this point. I get in the car and it's the first thing pop on. Now I love music, but I'll mostly hook up my iPod and hit shuffle (my ADHD issues). I just love the stories and I feel a bit sharper after listening to Fresh Air, All Things Considered, The Story, World, Have Your Say and The Moth. (And yes, I generally donate during pledge drives - I'm "all in."

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3 Responses Jun 20, 2012

I worked for an NPR station here in Indy. Great memories from my time there.

Probably the most peaceful time of my life was when I was running contracts for a manufacturing facility. I'd have to drive over and talk with engineers quite often so I wasn't at the office too much. Anyway, on the way there (traffic sucks in this area so I had plenty of car time) I would tune into NPR and would find myself at location parked and just listening instead of doing my actual work lol I also love it!

National Public Radio.