Prince Is A Musical Genius

I listen to Prince music all the time. I love his music. The things he sings about in his songs don't just range in love and loss of love, but about a whole lot of other things. His musical talent cannot be touched and he is very unique. He plays all of the instruments in his songs and write them as well. EVERYBODY in my family loves his music, also. I'm currently working on getting all of his albums (and he has quite a lot of them). The albums I'm listening to of his right now are The Rainbow Children and The Truth. Although The Rainbow Children isn't one of my favorite, it is still okay. One of my favorites is Purple Rain. That is a classic. Another one that I like is Emancipation. For anyone that doesn't have that album, go get it. It is pretty good. I could go on and on about him, but I won't.
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Purple rain and a purple Harley. Lovin the 80's

A musical genius no but a marketing genius yes. Prince only plays the guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. Believe me Prince is not the only musician that can play these four instruments well. There are many just haven't had a break to showcase their talent. If not for the girly makeup and wardrobe, Prince probably would have terminated in the music business years ago. Prince is music accompanied with a freak show because without his strange stage presence most would not come.

How goes the Prince collection? Have you heard "Van Gogh"?

I couldn't agree more. The man is a musical genius - period. This is an interesting site. I'm gonna take a look around. If you get a chance, stop by my music blog at I have a lot of largely unheard and unreleased music that I'm posting..<br />
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