Acquiring Moral Strength

I am trying to live life as God dictates in His Holy Book. It is not always easy. God teaches us to be kind and helpful to His creations. Yet, I am fearful that listening to the vices of others can rub into me, for the prophet once said, one who befriends a coal miner will not be able to avoid some dust from the coal on his clothes, and one who befriends a perfume seller will get some sweet smell on himself...(or a perfume sample, perhaps)...not an exact quotation. As I ponder on this, God the Most Merciful chanced upon me to read this narration from the prophet: "Do not enter the houses of those who wronged themselves lest what had happened to them would afflict you, but if you had to do so, then do so weeping." The prophet said so as he passed the area of the ancient people of Thamud, who used to carve beautiful architectures and statues of the valley, in the Tabuk area of Saudi Arabia. May God open the true meaning of this for my life. Amin.
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Jonathan,<br />
I look for moral strength from God Almighty. Why is that so hard for you to accept or belief. Just because you don't accept my Prophet Muhammad you have to disqualify the God I believe in as well? I happen to love Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well. Muslims believe that the Holy Spirits were always sent to the prophets of God, but not to a frail sinner like me. I don't mean to lead others astray....God knows what is in my heart.

This is ridiculous. No one apart from Jehovah Jired, God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, can give you moral strength. I advise you not to look to anyone aside from His Holy Spirit for moral strength. Please stop leading people astray from His truth, you will make it worse for yourself. <br />
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