5 Important Blessings

"Seize the opportunities to do 5 things before another 5 catch up with you: Your youth before you grow old* Your health before you fall sick* Your leisure before you are occupied* Your wealth before you grow poor* Your life before you die* (Prophet Muhammad)
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this is nice.. thnx for sharing..

And thank you to those who appreciates. Do share your tradition and wise sayings as well.<br />
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To godly ambition,<br />
I appreciate your concern for a stranger like me to alert me that I am being deceived by the God that is Ever-Living and Who I feel close in my heart. I follow my heart where my faith lies.

Thanks for sharing. It's always a blessing learning from each other.

Follow a prophet that has a relationship with the living God. Not Allah. I believe that you are being deceived.

Wise words to live by....