What to Do When Depressed

        We all have our ups and downs.  It's only natural cause the life in this world has its plusses and minuses.  Childhood for the average person is a time of great enjoyment and love.  Teenage years may be a time full of bewilderment but it's accompanied with a sense of adventure.  But once the way of the world has been configured - once the mystery about our own humanity has been discovered - that's when some of us learn to take advantage of others, while others continue to be taken advantaged of.  Only God's Mercy can protect us and only our God-given wisdom can pacify our emotion.

The Prophet says: "Look at those that are below you and do not look at those that are above you.  That is more befitting for you so that you won't hold the favours and blessings of God with contempt"

Why look at the street sweepers and beggars?  Why look at the homeless and the destitute?  Aren't they the losers?  We look down at them, not look at them!

No. We should look at them with a thinking head, a humble heart and content soul.  They and us came from one source.  They and us are made of the same flesh and blood.  We are not more special than them.  We are not where we are because we are smarter, swifter or mightier.  We are luckier!  Yes, and what is luck?  Isn't luck merely a word to describe something unexplained - a shot of the arrow?  Or is luck a mercy given by God Most Generous? Every lucky and unlucky step is a trial from God.  If God gives us something good, do we use it to better ourselves and help those around us? If God takes something away from us, do we use that as an excuse to get angry at our luck and let everything else dwindles to the ground? God gives us different challenges.  Who's better than who?  The unlucky homeless mom who still manages to raise her children to achieve success?  The lucky son of a rich man who abuses his privileges to destroy countless lives by way of rape and murder? 

Why shouldn't we look to those who are above us?  We watch it on Reality TV all the time.  Reality TV is great because average people can transplant themselves into the imaginary life of those "above" us, and perchance one of the participants will be picked to actually live that life for the rest of their lives.  What do we discover about these people?  Many participants know it.  They act the bitchiest they can be just to be selected into the 'in' crowd - the 'above' crowd.  Is this the crowd that helps many deals with poverty?  Is this the crowd that help ends war?  Or is this the crowd that delude people into buying more clothes, branded stuff with their names across a simple black bag for US$2000!?

Some thieves steal our money by grabbing our wallet as they brushed by us on the street.  Some shaman can put a spell on us and get us to give up things we value to him.  But some intelligent scammers, can actually do marketing tricks on us poor stupid souls and make us spend our hard-earned money on a black bag costing less than US$10 with the help of some sweatshop slaves in China!    This world is injustice.  Look at the lowly ones and realize God may love them more than us for keeping their good souls in check!

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