I Have Listened to Queen Since I Was 13.

I just love their sound.

I had my own 3 days of mournoing when Freddie passed away.

Their music was so special and uplifting.

Especially Bohemien Rhapsody. The scene from Wayne's World will live on forever.

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4 Responses Feb 25, 2009

That was the best part of Wayne's World can't count how many times I rewound it .

Isnt that cool that you and your dad bonde dover them!! I think that their influence particulerly over our gen is that long lasting!!

Queen Rocks!!!! I personally feel that Freddie Mercury was the most talented man of his generation!!!<br />
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My dad and I really bonded over our mutual love of Queen...and between the two of us we pretty much have almost all their music ( of course he has originals and I only have the newer dvd boxsets and the like :( )

queen are a great band,i especially like,under pressure,crazy little thing called love,i want to ride my bicycle,all their songs are great.