I Grew Up Listenin To This

listened to snoop dogg, biggie smalls, 2pac, outkast growin up. theres others but im not going to make a list. Alot of this rap music is watered down. I perfer that rap music from Houston, and i like my music chopped and screwed. Dont know what that is? Look up Dj Screw and Dj Michael "5000" Watts and the swisha house.

Krie Krie
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

Ey dats wats up. yeah ima have to check them out, saved that to my youtube account. heres wat I be on<br />
<br />
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFCY1RIZ-WA&a=RxnZrDIcF1Q&playnext_from=ML<br />
<br />
and chopped screwed version of that same song<br />