An Amusing Memory.

I was in highschool and we were on the way to some theatre on a field trip. I was sitting with a good friend of mine, with other good friends in front of and behind me. I'd had 'Kokomo' stuck in my head all day, and was staring out the window singing quietly to myself. My friend asks what I'm singing...and I tell him. I proceed to start singing a bit of it to see if he knows the words, and he starts singing along. Shortly thereafter, our other friends join in and the singing creeps along the entire length of the bus. Before long the entire bus is singing along with me...teachers and all.

While I enjoy several other Beach Boys songs as well, this is the one with the memory attached to it and is most dear to me. That was an amusing time, for sure.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

nice..Im not a fan of beach boys but I also find it amazing when people sing with me to some beat/tune (^_^)