Ep Podcast--Episode #1

Visit the link below to listen to Episode 1 of the EP podcast. 




You can now listen to some of your favorite EP stories and discover new favorites!

Each podcast will feature a couple stories, some are inspirational and heartwarming while others are lighthearted and sure to make you giggle.

Come back and visit this group regularly to listen to new podcasts and share your comments.

EPArsineh EPArsineh
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16 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Hmmm did not know this I will check it out

Being new to EP has been fun. I've really enjoyed and seem to find out something new everyday. It is the most interesting site I've found and i appreciate all the work that went into putting this together. i look forward to our new relationship. i try to tell others about and find it difficult to describe. So, I tell them I'll send them an invitation and they have to see for themselves. Thanks. I love spell check on my computer as well, but not as much a EP.

is EP open to having members read for episodes of the podcast? this is right up my alley.<br />
way to expand horizons.Dopecouncellor is a good choice also,though I have yet to hear this...<br />
(I'm at the library,don'tcha know...)

We contact members and get their permission to feature their story on the EP Podcast. If you'd like to give us advance permission to use any of your stories for an EP Podcast please email support@experienceproject.com and write "EP Podcast" on the subject line. <br />
<br />
We hope to have a new episode posted every other week. <br />
<br />
The voices used are EP volunteers. So please show your support. Without these volunteers the podcast wouldn't be possible.

Arsineh, how often will you be putting out new pod casts?

terrible. at least what downloaded onto my computer. awful audio. sorry :(

I think EP is on a budget. You can read the really short stories, Nyx.

It was really cool to hear Dopecounselor's stories!

Hahahahaha, Lilt! You're too much! Thanks for the plug. But don't believe her about the rate, EP. I only charge $9,000 a minute. Plus residuals. (JK! Let me know if you'd like a link to my demo!)

This is great.<br />
I was so pleased to hear it was two stories from my good friend, Dopecounselor.<br />
Arsineh, do you contact the writers before you make the pod casts?<br />
<br />
Also, I have to agree with the other poster. I don't care for the voice. It sounds cold and flat. Have you considered allowing the writer to read their own story? Or use EP's very own Nyxie. She has a fabulous recording voice. But I think she charges about $10,000 a minute!

Got it Arsineh...I couldn't find it at first because I searched for Experience Project as two words ;-)

i'm not normally a complainer, but the voice for the podcast sounds like my computer... any chance you can make it a bit more life-like?<br />
<br />
Canis Rufus

I listened to the first stories. It reminds me of old-time radio where you listened to a story via the radio and created your own images in your head. Great idea thanks.

The podcast is also available on iTunes. Search ExperienceProject.

this is great!! I love it!! Thanks EP staff!

How do I add this podcast to my iTunes? I couldn't find it in the store.