My First Ep Podcast

I've been hearing about Podcasts for over a year now and had yet to experience one. In the Announcement section it said, click this link. Since EP management finally fixed my clicking glitch (thank goodness), I did and arrive here at this group. I went into Arsineh's story and clicked the podcast link to experience it. The screen is white with no image, how odd. Then a video bar popped up and it began. I heard 2 stories by dopecouselor. One about a mouse and the other about a frog. This were good stories. I wondered, how would someone get chosen to have their story narrated for a podcast? I don't know. Maybe Arsineh's needs to write a story outlining these requirements. Or maybe its just a lottery and whoever is picked wins. I hope one day one of my stories is chosen, would be cool to hear my story narrated by someone at EP.

I wonder too, was the story I heard narrated by Arsineh? Who owns that radio voice? Mmmm, its a mystery for now.

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Hopefully this mystery will be revealed in time elfinsong.

mum on whose voice.............interesting

Oh thank you for clearing up one of the mysteries Arsineh.

Thanks for your post. You can nominate another member's story or your own to be featured on as an EP Must Read ( or on the EP Podcast.<br />
<br />
You can send me a PM directly to nominate a story, please make the subject of your PM "EP Podcast-Nomination"<br />
<br />
We contact members before their stories are featured as a podcast and will only feature stories that the author has approved for use in a podcast.<br />
<br />
Cheers!<br />