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The world lost one of the great pop icons of the 1960s this Wednesday when Davy Jones of The Monkees died of a heart attack at age 66. Though a manufactured pop group in one of the most literal senses, The Monkees still left behind one of the finest pop back catalogues of the late ’60s, and still managed to be an enduring influence and presence for future generations of music fans and performers.
I can clearly remember their TV shows and the wonderful,fun,happy songs that they sung.This one is my personal favorite and has remained on my play list since childhood.A fabulous band that epitomized to a whole generation such laughter ,great music and a feeling of well being.Rest in Peace Davey,you are in a better world now and your legacy will live on forever..... 

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I've always liked this song. It always makes me smile. :)

Me too,thanks for your comment. :-)

Love this song....:)

I totally agree,tank you.

Davy was my favorite Monkee. I think he had a good life and may not have suffered for very long before his heart attack took him. It was said he was blissfully happy with his current wife, half his age. I say good for him. He had a happy life and 3 beautiful daughters. I think he will rest in peace and God bless his soul :) We love you Davy :) xox

Thank you everyone for your input,they were huge over here in Europe as well as the USA,a band I enjoyed listening to and laughing with so very much.

They really did end up winning most everyone over.<br />
I heard there were thousands of musicians that were hoping to be choosen for this project that 2 guys concieved, created, et al. they were about 12 or so years older (I think) than these young lucky ducks. That's a lot when you're not really a businessman. Lots of those that did audition were better musicans, but these guys were giddy and very hardworking. Most "manufactured" groups. (like Toto) could not have come together as they did with entertainment for television always fun & freshly minted eposodic versions of the Beatles,"Hard Days Night" movie. That is what they reminded me of. . <br />
Peter's mom invented "White-Out". that's when he stopped all the re-union gigs later on. Rather distancing from the Monkees to pursue other ideas of his own. Can't remember what tho'.<br />
Well, that was fun for me! Thank You,Love

oops! thanks. All exicted with a silly error takes me a bit beyond 'my bad' there it is tho. ' thanks again.

wow! now I do remember all the ruckus about the "Faking it" stuff. I had forgotten that one other wee problem. I should have gone to bed hours ago.. Bye cindyloulove

I remember them so well, and he always seemed sincerely joyous!<br />
Thanks for the memories. I haven't watched much about it..