I Had A Friend

only three days ago i was unknown to her ....one fine evening meet her in this sight... i propose her for friendship ....she accept me and our friendship take its way...i was feeling so happy ...whenever i meet her i always try to make a good conversation . i can understand that she is not my type . but i never can come close to her ...she did never understand that may be we are passing those times through internet but these r not virtual not even false ....the truth is that i like her yes i miss her...
shubhan shubhan
22-25, M
2 Responses Apr 22, 2012

what a coincidence ....i had written this story about u when u block me .........and u r the first person who comment on the story....what a coincidence ...<br />

This is a sad story but sorry to say that I so love reading it. So beautiful,yet sad. I feel sorry that you lost her.

only 2 dear