A Letter To Her

its been almost 16 years now i have not seen you...i wonder whether you still look the same...whether you still love eating rice with sauce...do you still get drunk at night...do you still laugh ...if you still remember me at all. the last time you saw me i was a child a very nervous, shy and quiet one. now i am a woman ... not so scared anymore. :) i have done good so far. all these years i missed you at times and i tried to recollect any sweet memories we both shared. unfortunately i don't remember any...but a mother is a mother yeah...for all the pains i have caused you during the nine months i refuse to ignore your presence even though you might have thrown me out of your life. every year during this time of the day i felt the pain a bit more distinctly than ever. its mother's day...if you had not gone away i would have made this day super special for you. i could have tried to be a good daughter. but hard luck! :P still ... i am going to come for you and meet you very soon. with love

your little girl.
wingsgirl wingsgirl
22-25, F
1 Response May 13, 2012

lovely ex<x>pressions...God Bless u....<br />
and i m sure u will get someone who will give what u missed in life...