Ilove This Song

I love this song cause it lets us no to be good to oneanother to love one another for ever until God calls us home lets let owerlove shine for God and Jesus forever thank God for Gospel music I love it Ian loving
timthegreatest timthegreatest
1 Response Jun 17, 2012

I believe that with love with Jesus that things will be good for us all I got love for all of gods peoples I want u all that thinks u nobody to say Ian some one today because of lord Jesus and God my life can be great and good nomatter what no one says God bless those that hate me and put me down all my love is your love God with u Ian loved be strong God is going to help u u is someone to me iam. Your friend we all or some one God loves Jesus showed many miricles please believe that u is some one let go of drugs and every thing that gods against and u will see the greatest love its time to help somebody tell them Jesus loves them and his light is the sunshine his light is all we need God is love