Same Song

Since I am an older gal some of the young readers won't get what I'm talking about. As a young tortured lesbian in the 60's & 70's I drove my mom crazy songs that Implayed over and over. These were a few of my favorite; Carol King's Tapestry, Janis Ian's At Seventeen and Meliane. I played whole albums over and over and this was a sure sign of a life long habit.
In the 80's I moved on to Patty Smith, x, the romantics, rank and file, on and on.
The 90's held a whole new group of artists like Beth
Orton, Sarah McLachian, ACDC, Dr Dre, and dj keoki.
And today I'm loving Al Green, the Alabama Shakes, Ana Laan, Emeli Sande, and my favorite SHELBY LYNNE!

So yes I have a habit of listening to the same song a whole cd and or albums over and over and over.
hopekline hopekline
51-55, F
Aug 14, 2012