My Favorite Music, My Favorite Times.

Wow there is some beautiful music playing tonight, my wife is baking and has the seventies playing on Sirius.
Beach Babies, The Pina Colada song, Sweet Home Alabama, Your Love, Maggie May, Roxanne, Piece Train, I'm already gone, Emotion, Stumblin In, With A Little Love, Everlasting Love, Rocky Mountain High, Heart Of Gold, All Right Now, Tumblin Down, Brand New Key, Oh Girl, Take It Easy, Video Killed The Radio Star, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Pop Muzic .
I'm not sure if I got all the titles right, I haven't heard these for awhile and WOW, it is just great! What is it about a three minute group of words and noises that just go straight to your soul? It brings back memories and feelings, the love, the laughter, the anger, the fear, the longing, the loneliness, everything, it's just great to be wrapped up in it for just awhile.

It brings back moments for me, whether I was driving my pickup with a friend, friends or a girlfriend, a tractor, in the shop, at school or school dance, sitting on a bale of hay talking with a friend, goofing off in school, laughing and playing with my sisters and friends, I wish I could return to that time, it was pure heaven at times. So many firsts, my first crush, my first long talk with a hired girl farmhand, my first kiss (same girl), driving the countryside in the middle of the night with my girl, first theater movie (Star Trek), drivers licence, road trip alone, prom night, first flight to Europe to visit family. The smells, the sights, I remember just lying on the grass and staring at the October sky, so many stars and some atmospheric phenomenon that formed what appeared to be a canopy over the whole countryside, at that moment all was right with the world.

My parents fought, a couple people near us died, things went wrong, machinery broke down, bugs were crazy out in the fields sometimes, working all night, feeding cows in blizzards, loading hay trucks in winter, stacking bales in the summer and just praying for rain so I could take a break. There was probably more bad than good but the good was the best times of my life and the music was there the whole time. At times we would just crank those AM radios with the single speakers!!!
Here's an idea of what it was like for you young ones...

It was my teenage years, I hope all of you had it at least half as good as me, if you get a chance, let the music take you back .
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2 Responses Nov 15, 2012

Great recollections! I love how music can transport us to other times & places. Loved the link!

It is one of my favorite songs of all time... Thank you :)

I hadn't heard that song in a long time. It IS our youth! And the video with the Brady Bunch and HR PuffNStuff... too funny!

Let's hop in my old truck, go to town, cruise the main drag and listen to AM radio!!

I love 70's music. It always reminds me of good ole days with high school friends, learning the latest dances, talking on the phone late and great summers.

Oh ya, and all that too! We had the old rotary dial phones with party lines :)