A Storm Of Passion

I like old time music from the 20's and 30's since i was child (since i was tall enough to push the buttons on the cassette recorder, at an age of about 4 or 5) As one can imagine, there wouldn'd be any new recordings in this genre since all musicans were long dead.

So my collection is not that large (about 5gb in Mp3), but i like every one of those old recordings despite i have listen to them over a hundred (or probably a thousand) times.

From time to time, when my search brings forth another jewel from that long gone time, the emotions that wash through me were beyond words. A flame of happiness and vitality beginns to burn in me that wouldn' go out for days. I play it over and over again and for that time i even didn't feel tired as long as that that piece is playing.

It happend to me yesterday:The name of the song this time is "Those Cruel Slavery Days", recorded in 1929.
Nathanos Nathanos
26-30, M
Jan 16, 2013