Since? Well Always

If I made a list it would be a long one and I would likely forget many. Maybe eventually I'll write stories here about some of them individually. I know I wore out a couple 45's on an old record player listening to Paper Back Writer and Lorelie (sp?) and several others as well. There was one with a lyric something like "Do, do, do, looking out my back door", I think maybe a Creedence song. I will have to look that one up though.

More recently I spent several days listening to Linger by the Cranberries. I rendition of it in the movie Click reminded me of it and I just had to go buy a copy. Spent the better part of that day with it on repeat while reading a book and it just blended well into the story. Now whenever I hear it I think of passages in the book.

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For me it's Dreams. <br />
<br />
You would have tested the lifespan of that CCR single. They didn't tend to write long songs - to repeat it you'd have to play so many times! one of my all time favorites!

I love Cranberries

I'd like to hear Linger done as an instrumental. Not elevator or dentist office music. More like the local symphony in the park music.

Thanks flourlady111!<br />
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I was pretty sure it was CCR but not 100% positive.

its creedence it came out when i was in the 5th grade!!

its creedence it came out when i was in the 5th grade!!