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...and I`m About to Do It Again...

Hi. Ok, this is now the 2nd time I will write this story cuz I lost it. Curse it all to hell and back with many dark doomable damnings...
(I hit a stupid button which made all my little words go away) So, I will start again, but it wont be the same, really...
I refound a song that I used to love when I was around 16. In the 1st story I wrote here, I spoke about how nostalgia was just a catalyst for deeper truths...  How these remembering open the window to my old selves, and how I step through with sadness....Damn, I can`t recreate something that flowed from me like that erased story did. So lemme get back to the damn point. (Grrr, snarl, snarl...)
I used to love this song. It has such a sad beauty in it that I`ve always responded to.
 It`s neat to know that I can now read the lyrics, when I`ve never really known them at all. I knew almost all of the words, and sang them anyway, as I do with most songs, even when I suffer from lyricitis...
 I had the same hair then as she does in the video, coincedentally, I assure you, but then, the 80s were very strange...
It`s also funny too, how when this song lived in my head as a memory, online it seems to have grow a life of it`s own...
Song To The Siren- This Mortal Coil

Cinderelly Cinderelly 36-40, F 5 Responses Sep 4, 2007

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I loved your post...funny! I am sure your first one was just as good!
I didn't know the song...I checked it out, and know why you have love it sooo long!

Yes, that is what a great song does..lives on and on..inside us..speaks Truth, that is revealed , unfolded as we grow..that was a great insight , thank you!

I loved that song !

I'm doing that right now! Only its 'Remnants of Percy Bass' by Rasputina.

I have a current total of 5396 songs in winamp that I just set to random and do what what I must on this computer of mine. Oh and ctrl+a, ctrl+c is my best friend, or at least until I ctrl+v it into word to check for spelling mistakes. I think everybody has a song or two that they haven't heard in years that just ignites a fire and a passion within them. Ahh hem Stan Bush - The Touch/Dare